adult picnic games

Boredom can certainly make a picnic short, can’t it? You must have a plan and it can’t just be about food. There needs to be interactive activities to keep all age groups entertained. Picnics for adults need entertainment just like for any age group—just more mature. Now, you can still do sing-a-longs and go on those nature walks if you’re picnicking at a National park. Some parks with picnic sites have a recreation center where you can play table tennis, checkers and other fun activities. Let’s turn to some interesting interaction many adults do engage in on a day picnic.

Engaging Games for Adults on a Picnic

If you want an action-packed picnic and a day full of rambunctious fun (no matter your age) then you’ll love these games to consider for your next outdoors picnic.

  1. Shot Glass Checkers—Of course it’s just as fun as ordinary checkers, only you take a shot when you lose a piece. Totally for the very mature crowd, you can have loads of fun.
  2. Opposites Attract—This is the perfect game for a larger group of adults. As each party member arrives at the picnic you hand them a paper with details about their opposite, who they must find during the picnic.
  3. Family Feud—What would a picnic be without a good game of family feud, just like the television show?
  4. Charades—A timeless game that is simply loads of fun. If you have enough people (at least a group of 8) you could have endless hours of laughter with this. While it’s for kids, adults sure can enjoy it as well!
  5. Spin the Bottle—Adults can have a picnic without this traditional mature game. Just don’t get your truth or dare answers and questions to crazy!

A picnic really can turn the day around, especially if you’ve been working hard and are looking for some down time. There’s no better fun than sharing times with family and friends! You’ll never view a picnic in the same way again.