The game of quarters has many definitions with different groups of drinkers, however, the basic concept remains the same. The goal is to bounce a quarter into a glass in order to avoid having to take a drink. Some players bounce with one hand, others roll the quarter down the length of their nose, some even play a speed version with a pile of quarters to fill the cup.


Bouncing a quarter into a cup seems easy enough, until the pressure of the competition sets in and you know that missing the shot means that the loser has to take a drink.

One of the most popular ways to play is with a group of people gathered in a circle around a single glass cup. Each player takes a shot at the cup. If they make their shot, the quarter passes to the next player for an attempt. Sometimes the cup is filled with the liquid that must be consumed while certain groups play with an empty cup and a designated drink placed to the side. The second version tends to be for sanitary reasons. The first player to miss the glass, must consume the drink. Then, they must complete a second attempt before the quarter passes to the next player.

This game has a high rate of intoxication for players who tend to miss the glass. There are versions that make it somewhat easier, where the loser consumes the drink and the quarter immediately passes to the next player.

Each time the drink is consumed, it is promptly refilled for the next potential victim.

Another fun version of quarters is played in a way similar to the game of beer pong. A group of cups is set for each team. In order to eliminate a cup, players must bounce their quarter into their targets. This makes the game last longer as there are more cups to hit. The other perks of this version are that there is no penalty for missing the shot and your opponent must drink when you are successful. Some players refer to this game as quarter pong.

No matter which version you are playing, mastering the art of bouncing quarters is a must for any serious party game pro. As an entertaining party trick, or a prize winning technique, bouncing quarters is a game that has been around for decades and is still going strong in the party scene.