River Tubing: A Day-Trip for a Party A-Float

When the heat of the summer makes you long to get out on the water and have a beer with friends, there are many fun-filled activities that are sure to keep you busy and entertained. One of them, however, comes with the luxury of laying in the cool water all day long.

river tubing

guy tubing on a river with other people looking cool as fuck

This summer, grab a beer, Jell-O shots, and coolers filled with food and drinks and head out to the rivers for some relaxation and fun!
River tubing is a pastime that can be fun for the entire family. However, it also has a livelier side in which large groups of people gather together and partake in a day of drinking, laughter, a slow float down a cool river.

Rivers that offer this type of activity often offer hundreds of tubes that can be rented. Additionally, rental companies, particularly ones associated with campsites, will usually provide transportation to the launch site, as well as from the pickup site. This means that your entire group can participate in the excursion, without the need to try to figure out how to return the tubes to the starting point. A good rental company will manage this for you.

Unlike kayaks or canoes, tubing is meant to be enjoyed with minimal effort in terms of guiding your watercraft. Occasional low-water areas, or obstacles, require slight maneuvering but, for the most part, the only requirement is that you sprawl out in your tube and enjoy the day.

When planning a daytrip to a river, there are a few things that you will want to prepare before embarking on your tubing experience.


Large groups of tubers generally link their tubes together by weaving a line through each tube. For very large groups, the line may only be require for the outer ring. The central tubes can free-float so long as they are not able to slip through the gaps between tubes. The purpose of linking the tubes is so that the group can stay together as well as to provide easy access to items such as coolers and drink packs.


There are two methods for tubing with coolers. The first, is to rent another tube and secure your coolers to it. Some companies offer tubes that are specifically designed to hold coolers. The benefit of an inflatable cooler is that is has less chance of flipping over and losing its contents. Either way, it is recommended that you secure the lid to your coolers with a rope or bungee.

Food and Water.

Be sure to pack more than just alcohol for your trip. You will be on the river for several hours. It is essential that you pack food and water for your group so that dehydration can be avoided. Food, will also keep your group’s energy from burning out too quickly. The last thing that you want when stuck on a lazy river, is a hungry group of people with no access to food.

Sun Protection and First aid.

Though these items seem obvious, they are some of the most often forgot items on a river, or camping, trip. Most tubers choose to wear bathing suits due to the fact that most of their bodies will hang in the water. Additionally, they might choose to cool off with an occasional swim. However, with the sun beating down on you all day, even in cloudy weather, you can easily become overwhelmed by the rays. Having the option to cover, and protect, your body is essential.

As with any excursion into nature, having a handy first aid kit can be essential to prevent blood loss or infection. Accidents can happen and you might not have access to help along the river.

Once your group has decided to try river tubing, it is sure to become a regular summer event. Sharing in the group camaraderie and the beauty of a winding river is a great way to enjoy your summer party with a change of atmosphere. Check your local requirements and prepare for a summer filled with fun on the water!