Shish-Kabob – Pleasing a Variety of Tastes with One Meal

When preparing food for a large group of people, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to satisfy the tastes and preferences of everyone in attendance.

There is, however, one meal that is sure to please the entire crowd.

Shish-kabob or, more specifically, grilling skewers are the best way to allow your guests to create a grilled meal according to their preference. This means that it is also the ideal choice for outdoor cookouts, tailgates, and even bonfire cooking.

shish kabob

Grilled beef kebabs on a wooden table

Begin by preparing a variety of raw meats, vegetables, and even fruits such as apples or pineapple. Chop the food into square chunks that are large enough to remain on the skewer, but small enough to cook quickly. Often some of the options will have been left to soak in marinades before the event.

Allow your guests to load their desired items onto the skewers. Then, as you place them on the grill, they need only stop by to pick up their skewer when the grilling has been completed. This puts the individual in charge of the type of meal that they consume. You need only cook it.

Some guests might fill their skewer primarily with meat. Others, might choose to have a skewer filled only with vegetables and fruits. Most, will settle for a selection of everything. The best part is that guests can prepare multiple skewers, therefore altering their meal for each course.

Pair the skewers with rice, linguini, or other filling meal-bases so that guests remain full and satisfied. They can slide the food from the skewer and mix it into their sides, or consume their meal straight from the skewer. The second option is an excellent method of meal preparation when camping, having a bonfire, or in any situation where conservation of supplies is best.

Skewers are an ingenious hosting technique because they give the guests the illusion of the luxury of choice, while freeing the cook from the stress of choosing a single meal option. If there is ever a concern about what to prepare, or adhering to difficult dietary restrictions, leave the guesswork out of it and let the guests create their own shish-kabob.